SilcoSet® pat. pend.

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Simpler, more flexible, faster.

to manufacture upper stripping tools for dynamic stripping. Automized pin setting without handcraft.

Completely redesigned pin setting head with servo-electric power drive for optimized movement and rapid pin setting.

  • High speed setting. Less than 2 seconds setting time per pin.
  • Better pin fitting strength by innovative pin anchoring.
  • Single push pin system. Quick and user friendly handling.
  • Multiple magazine handling (automatic pin shelf changing)

SilcoSet® retrofit

for MEURER EasySetter ES-165 and
Metall+Plastic EasySetter CNC.

Upgrade for existing hand-operated MEURER EasySetter.

  • Fully automated pin setting system to economic conditions.
  • Highest usability by three operation modes: Manual, memory and fully automated.
  • Data compatibility to existing CAD files (XML/DIN)

Increase your running potential by modification of your existing Metall+Plastic or BOXPLAN Easy-Setter CNC. Please ask for special offer.


Muli-use System COUNTERMATE max made by ELCEDE supported by SilcoSet system.

Technical details

Workspace: 1700mm x 1300mm
Max. boardsize: 1950mm x 1350mm
Board thickness: 12mm to 18mm
Pin height to board surface: 33mm bis 36mm ask for other heights
Amount of magazineshelves: 4 + 2 optional
Setting capacity: max 30 pins per minute
Dimensions: 2350mm x 2100mm x 1100mm
Dimensions control cabinet: 600mm x 1300mm x 700mm
Electrical supply: 3x400V/16A (<10kVA)
Air supply: 6bar (<200Nl/min)
Weight: 800kg + 100kg